Book Name – My Travel Stories Author – Natanya Lopes (Me) – Experience In Kasauli Chapter 2 Diving In My Memory After 3 years

Hey guys!!!! It’s been so long since I did not write any travel blogs and did not even continue this!!!! Hmmmm….. Looks like I’ve forgotten my experience of what I’m writing now but don’t you worry!!!! Let’s dive in to my memory of Experience to Kausali . OK yeah I remember it now!!! After we reached there(Kalka Station) we roamed around a little. Then after a hour or so we headed for a toy train(mini train) in the same train station. That toy train was called “Himalayan Queen”. To know more story on the toy train pls go to my section 1 blog named as “Himalayan Toy Train Journey”. As we were going in the toy train everything turned out to be nice!!!! Sigh!! Wow!!!! We reached our destination Dharampur Himachal Pradesh in 2hr 57min. It was such a nice experience!!! Then we(me and my family) booked a cab and after 21min we reached our Hotel ” Kausali Castle Resort” at 4:59pm. If you want to read more story on our hotel pls go to my section 2 blog named as “Kasauli Castle Resort”. When we reached there we were very tired out. Oof!!!! Tiring day!!! We ate some snacks given over there and drifted off to sleep. The next day 29 June 2018 we were going in the car at 7:36 am which was just like a car nature ride. To read more about the car nature go to my section 3 blog named “Car Nature Ride” . We were having fun, then we went back to Kasauli Castle Resort(Our Hotel). We had our breakfast and headed to Cantonment Park. It was amazing!!!!!! To read more on Cantonment Park pls go to my section 4 blog named “Cantonment Park” . Then we headed to ratan lal market and sunset point. It was nice !!!!! To read more on Christ Church pls go to my section 5 blog named “Christ church” . Then we returned back to our hotel. The next day we went to Ratan Lal Market, and went sunset point at sunset time. To read more about Ratan Lal Market and sunset point pls go to my section 6 and 7 blog named “Ratan Lal Market” and “Sunset point”. Then we went back to our hotel . We even went to a steep hill where I saw a post office. To know more on what I did there read my section 8 blog named ” steep hill” To read my inbuilt stories (sections) such as the section 5 blog of mine named “Christ church” , etc see my posts page. So this is what I saw when I just now went deep into my memory of Experience in Kasauli. Read my next chapter named ” Book Name – My Travel Stories Author – Natanya Lopes (Me) – My Experience In Kasauli Chapter 3 Kasauli’s history. All of these sections are upcoming. Don’t forget to check my these upcoming sections Bye bye!!!!!!

Himalayan Toy Train Journey – Section 1

I was super excited to go on my first toy train ride from Kalka to Dharampur (near Kasauli).The toy train was in the same Kalka train station. The toy train we( me and my family) went was called “The Himalayan Queen” Yeah Really!!!!! I could be mistaken but let’s continue on , whatever the toy train name was I don’t care all I care about is my lovely experience!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toy train was like a mini train and it was tiny and cute. Its tracks were small and it was red and yellow in colour.

I got a very nice seat, after I got seated and sat in tightly ( There was no seat belt and I knew that toy trains move at quite a speed but it was going slowly at the starting and I sat loose but in a few minutes it was quite in a speed!!!! I sat on my chair in time or I would have rolled of my chair band keep rolling in the train!!!!!!! Hahahaha !!!!!!!!! I saw a lot of beautiful greenery and saw beautiful scenery and , the mountains high with their pride with a smile on their faces. ( I mean what I write, everything is true!!!!!!) The train also went through long dark tunnels. I was a little scared inside the tunnels because when the train entered the tunnel, some crazy people started screaming loudly. ( I overcomed my fear of those crazy people screaming and after a few tunnels passed by I joined them too and started screaming when we went under a tunnel) Oh my Goodness!!!! It was so scary like a horror train!!!!!! (Yes it was!!!!!!)

The train stopped at three stations which were Gumman, Koti and Sanwar. At Koti station I picked some flowers and made a badge for myself. ( Or so I thought it was a badge but it was not it was just some flowers joined together!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!) I made one friend, her name was Japneet and she gave me lollipop. ( I sucked the lollipop like a baby although I was 8 years old!!!!!!!!! Haha!!!!!!) We also had delicious lunch and snacks in the train. They were tasty. Then we reached were we needed to reach Dharampur 2hr 57 mins.

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Book name – My Travel Stories Author – Natanya Lopes(Me) My Experience in Kausali – Chapter 1 Me Reaching Kalka Station

It was the most special day that is 28 June 2018. I was so excited when my parents announced that we are going for weekend trip to Kasauli.

Early morning on 28 June 2018 with still sleepy eyes I left my house (Devinder Vihar Gurgaon) and headed towards Ajmeri Gate in New Delhi. From there I took a cab And headed towards the train. Then I got into the train and started my journey. The train began to move slowly and steadily chooo.. Chooo.. Chooo.. It litrellly took 4hr 47min!!!!!!!! Oh My!!

Soon after we were served delicious snacks which included samosa, sandwich, chips, chocos, chocolate and more.

After 4 hours of travelling we reached Kalka station. When we reached that place it was 12:29 pm.

Read my next chapter named ” Book Name – My Travel Stories Author – Natanya Lopes (Me) – My Experience In Kasauli Chapter 2 Diving In My Memory After 3 years

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